Vaccination Schedule

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    Childhood Vaccinations

    Vaccines immunize against various bacterial and viral infections. Some vaccines are combined to reduce the number of vaccinations required. Vaccines may be labeled by the disease they prevent or by the company that produces them. Below is a list of vaccines recommended by the CDC and provided in this office.



    A bacterial infection that can lead to obstruction of the upper airway. It also produces a neurotoxin that can cause neurological and or cardiovascular complications.


    A bacteria found in the soil. The bacterium releases a toxin that can cause spasms of skeletal muscles and lockjaw (as it is commonly known for). It can be fatal.


    A highly contagious bacterial infection also known as whooping cough. If the infection is found in unvaccinated infants it can cause pneumonia, seizures, and encephalopathy.


    Haemophilis influenza B

    An invasive bacteria that can cause pneumonia, meningitis, epiglottis and other severe infections.



    A virus that can cause muscle weakness and paralysis.



    A bacterial infection that can cause severe infections such as pneumonia, otitis media (ear infection), meningitis, or cellulitis (skin infection).



    A virus that can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea leading to dehydration and in extreme cases shock.

    Hep B

    Hepatitis B

    A virus that causes chronic inflammation of the liver and can lead to severe long term complications even death.

    Hep A

    Hepatitis A

    A virus that affects the liver causing temporary jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and bowel changes.


    Chicken Pox

    A highly contagious virus in the herpes family that causes a rash that itches along with flu-like symptoms.



    A virus also known as rubeola that classically causes fever, cough, runny nose, eye inflammation, and a rash. It can result in serious complications in children including fatal clotting disorders.


    A virus causing enlargement of the salivary glands.


    A virus also known as the German measles which results in flu-like symptoms with a rash. It can be very dangerous for pregnant women.


    Combination of D Tap and IPV

    See above description



    An invasive bacteria that can effect multiple organs causing severe complications including meningitis, skeletal deformities, and organ failure.

    Gardasil or Cervarix

    Human Papilloma Virus

    An invasive bacteria that can effect multiple organs causing severe complications including meningitis, skeletal deformities, and organ failure.


    Seasonal Influenza virus

    A virus that can cause fever, body aches, and other discomforts. It can lead to severe complications especially in the elderly.

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    What is the Dr. Sears Immunization Schedule?

    Dr. Sears Schedule is an option available to parents who are interested in delayed vaccinations. Below is a list of his recommended schedule. If you decide to follow this schedule you will need to bring your child to the office more frequently than recommended by the well child exams. If you are only coming for a shot and not a well child exam you will only be charged a nurse visit instead of an office visit plus the cost of the vaccine if applicable.

    2 moDTaP, Rotavirus2 yrRubella, IPV
    3 moPrenar, Hib2.6 yrHep B, Hep A
    4 moDTaP, Rotavirus3 yrHep B, Measles
    5 moPrevnar, Hib3.5 yrHeb B, Hep A
    6 moDTaP4 yrDTaP, IPV
    7 moPrevnar, Hib5 yrMMR
    9 moIPV6 yrVaricella
    12 moMumps, IPV12 yrTDaP, HPV
    15 moPrevnar, Hib12 yr 2 moHPV
    18 moDTaP, Varicella13 yrHPV, Meningococcal