Aesthetics means that which pertains to beauty. It is an area that has just exploded
in the last number of years with all kinds of therapies now available. 2021 marks the
year that we at Cornerstone Family Medicine have begun offering aesthetics
We all have things about our appearance, which we would like to improve. These
become even more numerous as we age. Cornerstone Aesthetics and Cornerstone
Family Medicine cannot address all of these issues, but we can improve many of
Some wonder if it is vain to put this much effort into how one looks. I am reminded of what Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. said, “If the barn needs painting, paint it.” Some of our barns are weathered. There is certainly nothing wrong with looking the best we can look. These treatments are not just for women either. Men, such as myself, can benefit as well. No treatment is going to make a 62-year-old, like me, look like I am 25 again, but it has certainly improved the appearance of my face after the beating my skin has taken over the years.

Here are the services we currently offer, and we plan to offer more as time goes by:
1) Hair Removal – This is the most basic laser treatment, but one almost everyone can appreciate. Hair
covers just about every square inch of our bodies and in many cases can be rather unsightly, therefore we
shave it, which quickly turns into unpleasant stubble and then the shaving has to be done over again. We
can get rid of that hair from wherever you want it gone, even your ears and backs, guys.
2) Skin Tightening – This treatment uses radio frequency to generate fresh collagen, which tightens skin up on the face, under the chin, back of the arms, across the belly and hips.
3) Light Pulse Photofacial – This therapy uses light to treat many of the blemishes that develop from sun exposure. It will get rid of the blood vessels, red flush and brown spots that many of us have on our faces, shoulders or chests.
4) Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation – This uses laser to reduce lines and wrinkles and make the skin look younger.
5) Botox and fillers – These treatments are for the targeted improvement of wrinkles and other defects. This service is coming soon!
6) Vitalia – This is a treatment that is not commonly offered in most aesthetics offices. It utilizes the radio frequency technology to improve the tissue of the vagina and labia. Though most do not talk about it, it is well known that childbirth is hard on the perineal tissues. This treatment is very helpful at restoring the health of these delicate tissues. This service is also coming soon!
7) Skin Tags, Moles, Warts and Cysts – We are able to remove these on the medical side. You do not need to go to the expense and inconvenience of seeing a dermatologist to have these things removed.

We are aware that the laser treatments cause a pretty good zap. We want to reduce the discomfort, so we
offer topical numbing cream. We have found that for this cream to be maximally effective, it has to be applied one hour prior to the procedure. Therefore, we prescribe it for you ahead of your treatment appointment so you can apply it with enough time for it to work. Most other facilities either do not offer numbing cream or apply it just prior to your treatment so that it is minimally effective.
If any of these services interest you, please call 864-334-1885 for a free consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs.

When we got into this service, we wanted to make sure the treatments worked. Therefore, we all underwent some of the therapies that we offer. Here are some of my personal before and after.



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