Covid is a very contagious illness and it is here to stay.  We are not going to beat it or make it go away, no matter how many people get vaccinated.  Eventually, everyone who is susceptible will come down with it.  Like any other illness, not everyone is susceptible, but most are susceptible and it is impossible to tell who is or is not susceptible.

There is no question, the vaccines reduce the incidence of the disease and if one breaks through, the severity of the disease is lessened.  The problem with the vaccines is their efficacy does not seem to last, necessitating repeated dosing of the vaccine.  The other issue is the adverse reactions.  Vaccine adverse reactions are significantly less than the poor outcomes from the disease itself, but they are clearly much higher than the authorities are willing to admit. (It makes me suspicious of everything they say, when they are clearly lying about this).  This is especially a problem if the vaccines are going to necessitate multiple doses.  How many times is one willing to expose oneself to the risk of an adverse event from the vaccines?

I think the vaccine mandates are totally wrong.  They are wrong, because the vaccine mandates will not accomplish what they claim (beating Covid).  If the vaccines are as effective as they say, the vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated, so why all of the hostility.  Vaccine mandates ignore the medical ethics foundation of informed consent.  Mandates are based on the claim that the vaccine is totally safe, which is clearly wrong.   Mandates allow one group of people to have the power to negate the freedoms of a group of people with whom they disagree.  This is as Un-American as it gets and it sets the precedent for only certain views being allowed in public discourse.  If the mandates stand they will be used as the basis for future population control measures, just as compulsory childhood immunization is now being used as the basis for these mandates.

Based on my observations, the danger of Covid is not the initial viral infection.  This is a miserable illness, but not deadly.  The danger is that in a certain percent of the population, the initial viral infection sets off an inflammatory reaction that primarily effects the lungs. This inflammation of the lungs is what kills people and it has been very difficult for traditional medicine to stop it. Once an individual enters the hospital, many have done quite poorly.  This might be because these individuals are very sick to start with, but I wonder if there might be another answer.  All Covid patients are treated the same regardless of what hospital they enter.  It is all about following protocols handed down by organized medicine. This limits the ability of physicians to innovate and respond to concerns about the protocol itself.  Questions have been raised about the safety of the Remdesivir and it seems to me the inflammatory stage should be fought more aggressively than is currently done.  I have never known bureaucracy to be able to come up with the right answer to a problem in a time efficient manner, but the health of our entire nation is now a prisoner of the medical bureaucracy.

As far as the outpatient setting, we have been seeing many times more Covid cases than we did during the initial wave.  Organized medicine’s answer to someone coming down with Covid is to keep your fingers crossed and pray you are not one of the unfortunate one’s who becomes sick enough to enter the hospital.  This approach seems cruel at best and might be harming many.  We have taken the approach to prescribe a cocktail of Zpak, prednisone and hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.  This treatment is quite frowned upon by the medical establishment, but our experience has been extremely positive.  Thus far, as far as I know, only one of the scores of people we have treated (some of whom were quite ill) have ended up in the hospital.  I believe this is because we are addressing the inflammatory response being triggered by the virus.   I do not know what formal non-biased research (if it occurs) will eventually show, but at this point I know I have seen enough to know that we have to continue treating people.  The outcomes of treatment are clearly better than the outcomes for those who have followed established medicine’s treatment recommendations.

Like all illnesses, there are numerous ways to attack Covid.  These range from vaccines to outpatient treatment to treatment in the hospital.  There will continue to be a learning curve on the most effective way to treat this disease.  We have to continue to offer all options and not have our hands tied by organized medicine.

September 20, 2021 Uncategorized