Why a blog?

Why a blog?

Approximately three years ago I was trying to figure out what this new word I was hearing meant. That new word was “blog.” Who would have thought that now I would be attempting to produce one of my own.

I recently found out that the word “blog” is actually an abbreviation for “Web Log.” A log consists of a series of entries denoting events that happen over time, so a blog is a longitudinal series of entries that recount events and thoughts that one has during a given period of time.

There are all kinds of health web sites out there and many extremely creative blogs exist. What do I hope to accomplish with mine? I guess it is a desire to put into writing some of the experiences and thoughts that occur to me throughout my day to day living. I have no idea if that writing will be interesting enough for anyone else to read, but I have always found that writing has helped me to clarify and organize my thoughts and so I write this blog first of all for myself. Putting thoughts on “paper” will cause me to flesh out some of the fleeting observations that I make over the course of a day.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about teaching, is when I teach others, I learn even more myself. When I organize concepts in order to publish a blog, it will help to enhance my learning. Others might also learn from the things I have learned.

Writing down our thoughts and saving images of ourselves is also the closest we can get to immortality on this earth. My father died when I was 24 years old. He was sick for many years before that and demented for a number of years prior to his death. I have no memories of the extremely intelligent and talented man, who was my father. Nevertheless, when I see things he made, view pictures of him and the people he knew and read things he wrote, I am able to form a picture in my mind of the man who was my father. I hope that at the very least, this blog will be an electronic web log to prompt pictures of the man I am/was in the minds of my children over the coming years.

The title “Healing Medicine” comes from the intent of most of the posts to be related to the world of medicine and how it interacts with individuals, identified by the medical world as patients. The practice of medicine is a noble calling, but today’s brand of medicine has lost much of its human touch and as such lost has lost much of the art of medicine that in times past brought healing despite a much smaller armamentarium of medicines and technology. I want to explore where we are today and what we have lost.

I bring to this blog my own personal unique way of viewing things and over 50 years of life experience. Since a large part of my day involves practicing medicine and I have been in the medical world for 36 years, much of it will relate to that. I have my own business and that is a major contributor to my life experiences as well. I am sure it will also involve my thoughts on other things that peak my interest. I hope all of that makes some interesting reading and more importantly provokes one to think.

Here goes: . . .

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